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Red Bull
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Richard Burns Rally / Reality check / Rally Finland - Ouninpohja (16:16)
Side-by-side video comparison between virtual rally simulation and its real life counterpart. I am driving (recklessly) the Fabia and Sébastien Ogier is driving the Polo. Stage is Ouninpohja, SS18 of Neste Oil Rally Finland 2013 and reproduced by Sav
Richard Burns Rally with FREX SimConMOTION (02:14)
Finally SimConMOTION works with long awaited title Richard Burns Rally SimCon drives Real car Tachometer, SimConMETER Gear, Water Temp, Fuel, Speed, Rev. LED, SimConVBRAKE vibrate brake when tires lock up and the vibes synchronize with speed. http://www
RBR-Online - Markus Gronholm testing RBR-Online at Monza Rally Show 2009 (04:57)
Markus Gronholm, two times world rally champion, filmed during his appearance at the RBR-Online and Motormedia stand. The flying finn, one of the protagonist of the Monza Rally Show 2009, was driving like hell in the simulator but the handbrake didn't res
Richard Burns Rally Country Roads v1 2 (08:34)
This track is the first eight minutes of the long 33km stage Country Roads for Richard Burns Rally. The full stages takes (me) over 24 minutes to complete. It was built in 3 days using Bobs Track Builder v0.7 as a test of the new RBR plugin. It contain
RBR - Pedal to the Metal (05:23)
RBR - Slow Motion (01:43)
Richard Burns Rally SuperStyle (05:28)
Richard Burns is the best game if not the best driver (Colin)
Richard Burns Rally Clip by Tiki (05:13)
A Tribute of the Richard Burns Rally game with new cars
Richard Burns Rally Logitech G25 test (01:47)
Richard Burns Rally Logitech G25 test
Richard Burns Rally clips vol III (07:31)
Some new clips from PC-game.. I haven´t got any steering wheel for PC, so I have to steer with keyboard.. and it can be seen in video =)
Richard Burns Rally (08:03)
My Australia Mineshaft and USA Frazier Wells best times. Richard Burns Rally is the best rally racing game period. Get it :)
Richard Burns Rally Game Compilation (04:47)
This is from the game Richard Burns Rally on the PC. It's the most realistic rally simulation I've ever seen. I did all the driving with a keyboard even though this game desperately needs a steering wheel and pedals to get everything out of it. Enjoy.
Richard Burns Rally & Lada (04:13)
Richard Burns Rally Gameplay Replay (04:05)
Just installed this game and trying it out. Not a n00b to rally but to this game yes :p Used a Lancer Evo with no tuning, just to ge the feel of the game. I figure I should upload some newer games since all you see on my vids are Abandonware HAHA! Keyw
Richard Burns Rally Bisanne らき☆すた痛車 (05:16)
skin & eng
Richard Burns Rally - G25 + Handbrake (05:44)
Joux Verte II with my G25!
Richard Burns Rally Chirdonhead (03:45)
Onboard with me on Subaru Impreza WRC in Richard Burns Rally in Chirdonhead, England This is not my fastest run.
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