Which is the best looking F1 2014 car?
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Red Bull
Force India
Torro Rosso
Virtual Interlagos GSC 2012/F1 2012 (03:10)
Game Stock Car 2012 and F1 2012 A lap around Interlagos on these two great but vastly different titles, nevertheless, an interesting comparison between Reiza Studios and Codemasters version of Interlagos, GSC 2012 Car: Formula Reiza F1 2012 Car
Mini Challenge - GSC 2012 x real lap (01:41)
WIP. Lap recorded "live" with Fraps. Just did this video to show the fantastic working Reiza is making with this car. For me its one of the best sim experience ever drive this car. I'm not a faster driver as you can see. Pay attention to real x virtual ve
GSC 2012 - Camaro SS Preview - Driver's POV @ New Taruma Track (05:08)
This is a short preview of this amazing new car for Game Stock Car 2012, the Camaro SS, pace car. It is a beast, with realistic physics developed by Niels Heusinkveld and Renato Simioni, this car is a hands full of work and joy! lol It is not a race car,
Reiza Studios Game StockCar Chevrolet Camaro SS onboard (08:31)
BETA version! Weight transfer management 101, enter fast corners slightly on the brakes to get some oversteer, then control with right foot and opposite lock! Have to be very careful and must nurse the 1800kg. Then its quite a challenge and great fun! :)
Game StockCar 2012 update, Chevy Camaro SS fun race (04:03)
BETA VERSION! especially the sounds are just a placeholder. The Chevrolet Camaro SS is part of the Game StockCar 2012 update, and as you can see, its a truckload of fun to man handle around a race track! I think that was a pretty close finish... ;-) Rena
Game Stock Car - 2012 Update Londrina (01:34)
Game Stock Car 2012 Update This demo is still Work in Progress and may not represent the final build of the update.
Game Stock Car 2012 - Ribeirão Preto (01:57)
Conheça as etapas da atual temporada Stock Car com o Game Stock Car 2012! Desta vez mostramos os detalhes do circuito de Rua de Ribeirão Preto (SP), com o carro Mobil Super 11 de Nonô Figueiredo Get to know the current Stock Car season with Game
Game Stock Car 2012 - Velopark (01:48)
Conheça as etapas da atual temporada Stock Car com o Game Stock Car 2012! Neste primeiro vídeo conhecemos os detalhes do Autódromo do Velopark, em Nova Santa Rita (RS), com o carro Mobil Super 11 de Nonô Figueiredo Get to know the current Sto
Reiza Studios Game Stockcar Interlagos laps (08:20)
I'm not good under pressure from the camera but I'm trying to show some laps working hard with the detailed FFB on a professional high torque wheel. Then I do some laps with worn tires. The car setup was a qualifying one, and I tend to overdrive for Yout
Game Stock Car - Interlagos Reality Check (02:10)
Comparação entre uma volta real e uma virtual no Game Stock Car / Comparison between real lap and virtual lap in Game Stock Car EDIT: Steering rotation in-game is set at 270º which explains why driving inputs are more subtle than the real car.
Game Stock Car - Real Gameplay (08:38)
This is a real gameplay demo footage of the upcoming Reiza Stock Car Game. It shows a bit of action against the AI on this amazing Ayrton Senna track (located in Londrina, Brazil). Reiza has done a great job with track modeling. All tracks are exquisitel
Game Stock Car - Uma volta em Interlagos (02:08)
Uma volta em Interlagos no Game Stock Car / A lap around Interlagos with the upcoming Game Stock Car Actual gameplay footage, except for blur added via movie rendering software.
Game Stock Car - Uma volta no Velopark (01:41)
Uma volta (ou duas!) no Velopark no Game Stock Car / A couple of laps around Velopark with the upcoming Game Stock Car - Gameplay footage
Game Stock Car - Uma volta em Jacarepaguá (02:45)
Conheça a pista de Jacarepaguá - RJ no Game Stock Car / Check out Rio de Janeiro´s Jacarepaguá circuit from the upcoming Game Stock Car - Gameplay footage
Simulador da Reiza Studios.AVI (00:58)
Stock Car
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