Which is the best looking F1 2014 car?
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Red Bull
Force India
Torro Rosso




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I am forever indebted to you for this inornmatiof. – Fanny 18-Nov-2016
This is what we need - an insight to make evenyore think – Irene 15-Nov-2016
Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brgtihened my day! – Delia 12-Nov-2016
I used this for unsetting speicfic values from an array./* unset array items by value via recursive lambda function */// unset every occurrence of single value$unsetThisValues = 4;// or unset every occurrences of multiple values$unsetThisValues = array(4, 5);$inputArray = array(3, 4, 5, array(1, 2, array(8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3), 3, 4, 5), 6);$outputArray = array_filter($inputArray, $recursiveUnsetCallback = function( $arrayValue) use( $recursiveUnsetCallback, $unsetThisValues) {if(is_array($arrayValue)){$arrayValue = array_filter($arrayValue, $recursiveUnsetCallback);return !empty($arrayValue);}$unsetThisValues = (array)$unsetThisValues;return !in_array($arrayValue, $unsetThisValues);});var_dump($outputArray); – Trisha 29-Oct-2015
Corey: Even if one added a falsification rule to the Bayesian aunocct, how do you ever get anything new if one had to distribute the prior probabilities over all possibilities at any give time? Why would scientists probe and criticize and try to find a domain on which to reject some aspect of a theory if adequate prediction were all that was needed? If the posterior probability in Newton, say, was .99, why look for rivals (e.g., relativistic) which are not even accorded probability in the Newtonian universe? Starting out assuming that every proposition has a probability assignment that a scientist will use in inquiry, and in interpreting new data, is just vastly at odds with practice. One can at best retrospectively ( painting by numbers ) make up an assignment that could have been had, but that's no grounds for such an aunocct of inference. – Mavern 27-Oct-2015
his ninth-place grid slot represents the maixmum Mercedes could have achieved inqualifying for the Korean Grand Prix.Both Rosberg and team-mate Michael Schumacher made it into Q3 a marked improvement on last weekend's form at Suzuka but neither driver was able to get within one second of poleman Mark Webber.Rosberg said the car lacked the one-lap pace to challenge further up the grid, but was hopeful the situation would be different over a race distance. Ninth place was the maixmum that we could have achieved today, he insisted. We set up the car well but we're lacking the performance to challenge any further towards the front. We're working hard to improve the situation, and hopefully our race pace will be better and we can score some decent points here in Korea. The track layout here and the cooler temperatures should suit to us more than in the recent races, so I'm looking forward to the race tomorrow. Schumacher meanwhile said the team had made progress from Japan but still labelled its qualifying performance average'. The positive aspect about today's performance was that we made a step forward relative to last weekend and got into Q3, he explained. But overall, it was an average kind of day. We were expecting to end up somewhere between positions eight and 10, but things didn't go quite right in the final sector of my quick lap. Looking ahead to tomorrow, I think we can hope to look quite respectable: our long runs were quite good, as were the tyres. Let's see how the race unfolds. – Satitpon 26-Oct-2015
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