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rFactor 2 Honda Civic NGTC Trailer (01:21)
Now available as a FREE addon for rFactor 2 users:
rFactor 2 vs Real Life - Lola T70/Howston HG6 @ Sebring International Raceway - Comparison (02:33)
Real Life Comparison between the new Howston HG6 (based off a Lola T70) and the Lola T70 @ Sebring International Raceway by Virtua_LM The Howston HG4 and HG6 are based off the designs of the Lola T70, a successful racing car from the 1960s. In 1965 and 1
rFactor 2 vs Project CARS - Comparison @ Monza Historic (01:52)
Comparativa gráfica entre Project CARS (pre-Alpha) y rFactor 2 (Beta). Se trata de una vuelta al circuito histórico de Monza. Graphics comparison between Project CARS (pre-Alpha) and rFactor 2 (Beta). It's a lap to Monza Historic. .................
rFactor 2 - Reality Check @ Sepang International Circuit (03:04)
Comparativa del Sepang International Circuit entre una onboard real y rFactor 2 Beta. El circuito está muy conseguido y como podéis comprobar, es casi idéntico. Comparison of the Sepang International Circuit between a real onboard and rFactor 2
Menace (02:15)
One of our testers made this video of this WIP car as it nears release. One of the first cars we started to build for rF2, and after some refinement trying to bring it up to current spec, almost ready for release. Note that the video does not represent fi
rFactor2 : Corvette C6.R GT2 @ Lime Rock ( Updated ) (04:06)
Wasn't a fan of this car but been playing tonight, it's a grower, still some weird behaviour at times.
rFactor 2 - NEW Silverstone Reality Check (03:16)
Comparison of the Silverstone circuit that Image Space Incorporated has released, is a lap between a real onboard and the simulator. Comparativa del circuito de Silverstone que Image Space Incorporated acaba de añadir a rFactor 2, se trata de una vuel
convert tracks from rfactor to rfactor2 with 3dsimed (19:51)
Download the required files at
Real Comparison - Lime Rock Park in rFactor2 (01:04)
I'm driving the car on the left (in real life), AI is driving the car on the right in rFactor2. Blog post:
Driving experience in rFactor 2 (03:18)
Driving around with multiple car classes on Limerock Park work in progress version.
iRacing vs rFactor 2 Beta - Skip Barber at Lime Rock Park (01:25)
iRacing vs rFactor 2 Beta - Skip Barber at Lime Rock Park PC: Intel Core i5-760 2.8GHz + Zalman CNPS10X QUIET Asus P7P55D Corsair Vengeance Blue DDR3 2x4GB 1600MHz Kingston HyperX 3K SSD 120GB WD Caviar Green 2TB Gigabyte AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB GDDR5 OC
rFactor 2 - Formula 2 - Lap Spa 1967 (03:34)
A lap around the old Spa circuit (1967) on a modern Formula 2 car in rFactor 2 (build 107). These circuits were as cool as dangerous. However, they wouldn't be much of a challenge in a modern day car. Lucky for us, rFactor 2 also comes with classic formul
Formula Two soon in rFactor2 Testing (06:03)
To be released into testing soon. Race video against the AI using the test version of rFactor2. As always, things aren't final, and may change.
rFactor vs rFactor 2 vs Real F1 (01:59)
rFactor assist: Stability:High TC:Off ABS:Off rFactor 2 assist: Stability:High TC:Off ABS:Off Real F1: All assist off :'D x'D Original video:rFactor 2 mod:
Yes - that is a dynamic drying line! (08:00)
I drive an unusual line to show that the drying line is dynamic. Mine dries slower than the AI line, as I am the only one driving my line. Had a lot of queries on this one, so I thought I would make a video showing it. The best way to test it is to just
rFactor2 Beta - Immersion (02:51)
Ok it doesn't have DX11 and all the rest but rF2 is IMO the most immersive and visceral sim i have ever used. No other sim i use makes my believe i am in a real car like rF2 does. Watching on small screen will give an idea on how good the orignal 6GB+ vid
Croft onboard W.I.P rfactor 2 (04:19)
rFactor2 Beta and rFactor comparison - Default content Mills (07:22)
I see alot of videos comparing rF2 to HQ rF1 mods but don't see many comparing like for like default content. We all know ISI not known for making the best content visually and that is left to the modders whilst they refine the physics but for me it's pre
Searspoint Raceway for rF2 WIP (07:33)
Searspoint Raceway for rF2 WIP. Demonstrating race line and marble build up, Environmental reflection and drying line. BIllboard spectators and trees. Framebuffer video on Jumbotron's. HDR is on, but I'm finding it very hard to tune due to the light colo
rFactor2 4K resolution 1960's MONACO (02:15)
3840*2160 Please chose original. MAX settings HDR:ON AA:ON
WSGT2 rFactor2 ShakeDown (07:06)
WSGT2 mod for rFactor 2 by Racers Modding Team First rough test using rFactor 2.
WSGT2 rFactor2 First ingame footage (01:47)
Tested in rF2 beta
WSGT2 rFactor2 ShakeDown (07:06)
WSGT2 mod for rFactor 2 by Racers Modding Team First rough test using rFactor 2.
WSGT2 rFactor2 First ingame footage (01:47)
Tested in rF2 beta
rFactor 2 Beta - '68 F1 car - Monaco Historic. (05:12)
A few laps of Monaco in the rFactor 2 beta, tricky to get the power down. Check out the beta preview in AutoSimSport magazine this month. My personal blog is at
rFactor 2 Beta - '68 F1 car - Spa Francorchamps Historic. (07:54)
rFactor 2 beta coverage for AutoSimSport. New issue now available on Issuu at: . My personal blog for simracing here:
rFactor 2 - Slo-motion (04:46)
Another video to whet your appetite for the imminent open beta stage. More info:
Monaco - F2 vs F3 (05:20)
MORE INFO: Footage from the work-in-progress rFactor 2 closed beta. This is a Formula 2 car being driven around historic Monaco, catching and passing a Formula 3 car.
rFactor 2 Trailer - World Premiere (05:06)
presents the World Premiere of the first official rFactor 2 trailer brought to you by ISI. In this video, check out some great footage of 60s Formula One cars making their way around a spectacular looking version of Monaco.
rFactor 2 Tire Wear and Flatspotting (01:38)
Watch the tire and see how it reacts to abuse. Wear is increased by 100x for this video. Read more at
rFactor 2 Tire Deformation (01:06)
Watch the lower part of the tire and how it reacts as it hits kerbs and bumps. Read more and download the original video file at our Web site:
Rain to dry time lapsed video (02:15)
rFactor 2 is currently in production. Starting out at full wet at the start of the session and scheduled to get lighter then stop raining about half way through, this is obviously a lot less random than most races racers may do when th
rFactor 2 Dev Update - New Tire Model (03:00)
Read more in our Q&A: rFactor 2 is in development.
rF2 in production: heat haze (00:19)
Another one of those little graphical elements that adds up for the big picture. Watch for the haze above the exhausts. rFactor 2 is currently in production.
A Belgian country drive - rFactor 2 WIP (08:09)
This historic track is in development. We want those of you who are historic racing fans (or fans of the movie /"Grand Prix/" I guess) to see it as soon as possible - so
rFactor 2 Rain Experiment (00:25)
Video of the experimental rFactor 2 rain effects we've been working on lately. We still have work to do on the effect (especially the droplets) and will post another video at a later date so you can see the progression and improvements.
2 exclusive Screenshot of rFactor 2 (01:22)
2 exclusive Screenshots of the upcoming PC Racer rFactor 2
WSGT2 Lexus SC430 Sounds preview (04:50)
WSGT2 test
F1SR 1996 WIP-Benetton-Preview (00:58)
F1SR 1996 WIP-Benetton
F1SR 1996 F1 WIP (01:23)
rFactor 2 F1SR 1996 F1
WSGT2 by RMT [WIP] Virtua LM Fuji test (10:05)
Team Virtua_LM released another stunning track. This time the Japanese Fuji track . Time to get a few WSGT2 WIP cars out and have a test run. While testing we had a sound check to bring more feedback to Thinlane who is still working hard to give us all t
WSGT2: Honda HSV-010 On track test (03:18)
WSGT2 mod project by RMT for rFactor2. Today the Honda HSV has been put trough its first tests. The car uses the alpha sound set. ThinlaneT is still hard at work refining the set. Racers Modding Team 2010 www.bsimracing.com.
WSGT2 C6R test (04:50)
WSGT2 Chevrolet Corvette C6R online test video www.bsimracing.com Arnold Wong - RMT Corvette Adison Ma - PK Carsport
WSGT2: Toyota TS020 GT-One Cockpit test (03:40)
Today we did a little test with the ingame cockpit of the Toyota GT-One. As expected , frame rate is still not a problem at all. i can not give you an accurate impression of the real frame rate on a 30fps video, but i can tell you it went up to 380fps in
WSGT2 - Megane Trophy 2009 Alpha test nr.2 (04:22)
Quick and Dirty video of the WSGT2 - Megane Throphy 2009 alpha test 2 As usuall, the test is done in rFactor1 , but the mod is intended for rFactor2.
WSGT2 McLaren physics preview (06:37)
WSGT2 Alpha test nr2. Multicar (05:02)
Today we did a small Alpha 2 test . The track used is the wonderful version of Laguna Seca 1.20 by COM8. In this test i placed 24 cars ingame. Detail setting to full. AA 2x.. This video does not represent the full glory we have seen using full HD. My humb
WSGT2 R35 preview (02:02)
WSGT2 Nissan GTR preview - race setup
WSGT2 Alpha Test 2 (07:40)
Corvette RMT WSGT2 (02:47)
WSGT2 SC430 preview (06:43)
WSGT2 SC430 preview
WSGT2 Corvette WIP (02:19)
This video represents a little test of the Corvette C6-R WIP for the WSGT2 mod for rFactor2 by Racers Modding Team. The test platform used is rFactor1. More info @ www.bsimracing.com
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