Which is the best looking F1 2014 car?
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Red Bull
Force India
Torro Rosso
BMW M3 Challenge - Highway (04:14)
This will show you how to get on the highway in the game.
BMW M3 Challenge: One lap over Nürburgring GP Circuit (02:14)
Replay of one lap over Nürburgring GP Circuit in this free game by Blimey! Games / 10TACLE STUDIOS
bmw m3 challenge drift movie (03:00)
played with the new game, bmw m3 challange.. got some few nice drifts, but it can be done better :/
BMW M3 Challenge (01:45)
Testing New game with Logitech G25, Clucth dont need, somewhere clutch turned on auto clutch. But Game and BMW perfect :)
BMW M3 Challenge: Nuerburgring Nordschleife (05:22)
Some gameplay footage on the Nuerburgring Nordschleife Circuit in this free game by Blimey! Games / 10TACLE STUDIOS.
BMW M3 Challenge (04:43)
BMW M3 Challenge is a great looking and a free racing game..
BMW M3 Challenge Full 5 Lap Sprint Race (08:50)
The game is free and has a cool online feature and two reliable servers (plus other can set them, but there can be problems with lag, if their connection is bad! It is a pure joy to ride, when there are only clean and fair riders! It gets close by the end
Cool FREE racing Game from BMW. Race the new M3 - Free online play - get it here: www.m3-challenge.com
GTR2 BMW M3 Challenge Gameplay Test Drive (05:20)
BMW M3 Challenge Gameplay using the Logitech G25. Game engine is from GTR2 PC game.
BMW M3 CHALLENGE - Introduction Video (03:11)
introdution video form bmw m3 challenge
BMW M3 Challenge at Bathurst (02:35)
Onboard lap at Bathurst. Laptime is pretty bad (2:31,831), I'm pretty sure a top driver can get a far, far better time. But I think this exemplifies fine how spectacular this track in this game can be. Quite thrilling. Driven with a Logitech Formula Fo
BMW M3 Challenge Sprint Circuit By HacK (04:12)
me playing BMW M3 Challenge... ®™©
how to get the nordschleife on bmw m3 challenge
BMW M3 (E90/E92) from the Game M3-Challenge (02:01)
BMW M3 (E90/E92) from the Game M3-Challenge. Just showing with various cameras without Traction Control. Great sound of the engine!!
BMW M3 Challenge (Stunt Driving) (04:57)
With Logitech G25
BMW M3 Challenge Gameplay (08:57)
my first play (after a few test laps :P) in this game so it looks like a lame ride
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