Which is the best looking F1 2014 car?
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Red Bull
Force India
Torro Rosso
GT Legends: 69 Boss302 Mustang-Teaser (05:44)
my first scratch-made mod for GTL. It is the Boss302 Mustang, mostly raced in the Trans Am Series and australian Touring Car Championchips. Took me a year of development. 3d-model/ ingame work: Big Ron Physics: Mental Gear Sounds: DucFreak supp
(W.I.P.) BMW 2002tii by TeamCC and friends for GTLegends .wmv (01:57)
Short ingame video with sound by Burps (thx m8)
Mazda RX-3 1970 at GTL (02:19)
virtual Mazda RX-3 /"Savanna/" as racecar Gr.4 running in GTL as a simulation. The track is Falkenberg in Sweden. First inside, then outside-view. Directly recorded from LCD-screen, so not the best quality in sound and view...
Abarth TCR (05:08)
Here it is
Nissan Skyline GTR for GT Legends - official Teaser (05:11)
another team21 add-on car for GT-Legends the car is clear for download at: www.gtr4u.de www.altbierbude.de * www.racingfr.com * (* registration required) get it and have fun! make sure to read the readme.txt before use ;-) see ya on track
GT Legends with G25 (04:56)
Driving with a Logitech G25 in GT Legends.
Mini Cooper S Gt Legends (08:14)
GT Legends game from Donington National Circuit.
GT Legends: 1967 Le Mans Circuit (08:49)
A couple of laps around the custom 1967 Le Mans circuit in a GT40. GT Legends Le Mans GT40 racing sim game
Porsche 914 GT at Nordschleife ( GT Legends ) (02:22)
Porsche 914 GT at Nurburgring Nordschleife (GT Legends)
GT Legends online crash collection episode 1 (04:24)
GT Legends online crash collection episode 1
GT Legends - Public server, online race (03:05)
Online multiplay: 2 laps in GT Legends. The usual mayhem, wrecks, and spins on lap 1. Unfortunately, I was punted on lap 1, however I decided to continue and a Porsche 906 plays hardball so I decide to play back.
GT Legends: AC Cobra Muscle (01:39)
Addon cars and tracks can be found at: Just having fun with a Cobra. The custom skin can be downloaded at nogripracing.com. I didn't make the skin but thanks to all the great modders of GT Legends. GT
GT Legends: 24 Hrs of Le Mans (05:25)
Cars and tracks can be found at: Le Mans circuit by day, evening, night and morning, spliced together into 1 lap. Le Mans track addon by Frank#55. Many great addon cars by various modders. GT Legend
GT Legends crashes (02:51)
Addon cars and tracks can be found at: Various online incidents recorded months ago on ZRMantis' public server. The first one is an offline AI wreck though. gt legends racing race sim crash crashes wrec
Greger Huttu Gt Legends Porsche 906 Training Video (08:33)
A lap of the nordschliefe with Greger Huttu in 8.16 with the Porsche 906
GT Legends - Game Demo with TrackIR Pro 4 (02:55)
TrackIR Pro 4 on Simbin GT Legends. One of the best racing sim ever. Amazing cars, sounds, and gameplay.
GT Legends - Preview Spa en Ford Capri RS (03:22)
One lap on Spa with the Ford Capri RS. 2005 preview, few months before the game release. ps : I'm currently racing online on GT Legends, with a Ford Capri RS.
GT legends AC cobra Nordschleife 8:04.8 lap (08:09)
An edited replay of a very fast lap in the AC cobra in GT legends. The video features what is a possible gtl rank GTC65 record lap at tourist in the AC cobra while being chased by a Porsche 911.
GT Legends - Alfa GTA Battle (04:52)
GT Legends - Alfa GTA Battle
GT Legends: AC Cobra at Zolder (08:04)
Addon cars and tracks can be found at: A few laps in a Cobra 427 at Zolder. Addon cars can be downloaded from nogripracing.com. GT Legends race sim ac cobra racing game
Porsche 914 / 6 GT Nordschleife one full lap ( GT Legends ) (09:21)
Porsche 914 / 6 GT Nordschleife one full lap ( GT Legends )
GT Legends Ferrari 275 GTB V12 sounds (08:17)
GTLegends Ferrari 275 GTB sounds Demo Vid. V1.1 pending.... Available exclusively at www.nogripracing.com
SimJunkies GT Legends Series Teaser (04:44)
A wee teaser of online racing with GT Legends and SimJunkies.org This video is from their Oceanic league. Visit www.simjunkies.org for more details, www.vrconcepts.co.nz to purchase GT Legends
Tsukuba Circuit GT Legends G25 Multi-view Demo (05:58)
Tsukuba Circuit GT Legends G25 Multi-view Demo. This is the latest and greatest multi-view Demo video I did for GTL. Enjoy and thanks for watching!
GT Legends - Misano Race (01:55)
Highlights of an online race at Misano, Italy, with NoGrip GTL League. A lot of action and good fun! Visit : www.nogripracing.com
San Luis 400 - GT Legends (Preview) (02:21)
San Luis 400 - GT Legends (Preview) ...download at: www.altbierbude.de
Bmw M6 drift by [diP] Dark (01:55)
Little bmw m6 drift in mercedes benz world racing.
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