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West Brothers Release Latest Racing Legends Update
Game News | Racing Legends | By Paul on 14 September 2003 15:25

The West Brothers have released the latest Racing Legends update, complete with 6 new screenshots/renders from the game.

Racing Legends will feature various 'diorama' areas. We have ideas for a number of these areas eventually and the accompanying images show the current progress on one of these areas. This is the classic courtyard scene. This is where all off track work will be based. Initially a lot of the garages will be empty but as you add more cars to your collection each will be allocated its own garage area and the various cars can be wheeled out and inspected at anytime. When all the bays are full you can transfer some of the less used cars to the storage area to make room. There will be workshop areas where the cars will go to be dismantled, inspected and race prepared and somewhere to display all the trophies you win.
You can view the full progress update and renders here.


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