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More CMR 04 Details Released
Game News | Colin McRae Rally 04 | By John on 11 August 2003 16:47 | Source: Codemasters

Codemasters have just released some more infomation about Colin McRae Rally 04:

....also announced our plans for the Xbox and PS2 versions of Colin McRae Rally 04 and its new release date. Due out in late September the new title will host a number of new features including:

- Any car can be played in championship mode
- Custom Rally - create your own rally events
- New, faster game engine with enhanced graphics
- New and improved driving mechanics
- Bumper camera (New camera)
- Enhanced driving surfaces - racing line
- Enhanced damage model for cars
- Co-operative play in championship mode
- Highly detailed set-up & repair - Players' handle car repair
- Mini games between stages allowing player to improve car upgrades
- Different levels of damage linked to difficulty settings. Players will have to adapt their playing style as they progress through the difficulty levels
- Unique Expert Championship - in car only with hyper-realistic damage
- Living, breathing environment - trees sway (Xbox only), grass blows in the wind

The multiplayer side of the game has been dramatically improved and now incorporates ghost cars representing other players, a frame rate that matches that of single player, and also a damage engine which means that you can blow your engine after one too many crashes. Alongside these multiplayer features we have also included Xbox Live! support so that you can compare times and stats online over the Live! network. There may even be an opportunity to win a competition or two via Live!
More details about CMR 04 can be found here.


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