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TrackIR Adverts on TV!
Community News | By Paul on 16 July 2003 20:13

To regular visitors, you'll know we like to keep you informed about what's going in the Virtual Reality world, and so today we can give you news that NaturalPoint are hitting the bigtime, advertising their TrackIR system on TV today!

I thought that you'd like to know that we'll be airing its' first television commercial tomorrow, July 16th on the Discovery Wings channel. The ad will be featured during Discovery Wings' new Flight Sim program. The trackIR ad will air during the at 8pm and 11pm EST showings, with 3 ads on each showing.

This first edition of Flight Sim will feature Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2004, for which we will be announcing trackIR Enhanced support at the end of this week. Here are links to the ad in Microsoft Windows Media 9 format:

- http://www.naturalpoint.com/files/trackIR_ad.wmv.
- http://www.naturalpoint.com/files/trackIR_ad_small.wmv.

We're pretty excited about it, and personally I think the ad looks great.
Indeed the ads do look pretty cool! Watch out for them on TV, or download them from the above addresses!


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