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FIA Grants Exclusive F1 License to Sony (2003 - 2007)
Other | By Paul on 16 June 2003 19:28

The FIA has granted an exclusive FIA Formula One license to Sony for the next four years; which in effect practically rules out any decent PC game based on the 2003-2007 F1 Seasons by the likes of Microprose/Simergy and EA.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is pleased to announce the continuation of the multi-million selling Formula One series. The only game to be officially licensed by Formula One Administration Ltd, FORMULA ONE 2003 will be released in July this year.

Benefiting from a brand new deal signed with Formula One Administration Ltd, the FORMULA ONE franchise will now be exclusive to SCEE and to PlayStation 2 for the next four years, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and the closest experience to being an F1 driver you'll get on any platform.

President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Chris Deering said "This four year exclusive relationship is the basis for a very exciting partnership between the world's leading motorsport and the most successful video game platform on the planet. Together I believe we will create a totally new consumer game experience that combines the power of PlayStation 2 with the exhilaration and spectacle of FORMULA ONE and short of pulling on gloves and a helmet this is as close to being in the drivers seat as you're going to get.
The usual press release business there. Thanks to Marek Gorecki for the heads up on this news, and don't forget to post your comments on our forums.


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