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Live For Speed Progress Report On LFS.net
Game News | Live For Speed | By Paul on 15 June 2003 10:34

The developers of Live For Speed have posted a progress report along with a couple of new screenshots.

The success and lack of major bugs in the E4 patch has allowed me to avoid bug-fixing and so I've been working with Victor all week on the new unlocking system. It's going well and I'm now onto the parts which are inside LFS and will store the cars and tracks in a secure way. It's quite hard to design but I'm making progress, and now the methods to use and how it fits together are quite clear.

So... all in all we are getting closer! We're still not able to give a release date - polishing and finishing is a strange thing where there's always a bit more to do than you expected. Anyway, it's not long until we enter a final testing stage, which will be very thorough, because S1 must go out as a high quality product.
You can read more and see the screenshots right here. Don't forget to post your comments on our forums.


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