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eDimensional Giving Away Three Free Games With E-D Glasses
Hardware News | By Paul on 6 June 2003 15:38

Our friends over at eDimensional have let us know that they are now giving away three, free games with every purchase of their E-Dimensional 3D glasses, an offer you'll only see on a select few sites.

The games are, Nascar Heat, Rainbow Six, and Elite Force, all of which work well with the eDimensional 3D glasses. Here's a snippet from our review:

Grand Prix Legends works excellently with these glasses, as long as you have all the patches for the game. The game is literally transformed wearing these glasses and with the speakers turned up loud you could be forgiven for forgetting you are only on your PC. If you enjoy playing GPL get yourselves a pair of these now. Pure bliss.
To purchase a pair with the free games, make sure you follow the link from our review which is available here.


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