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Colin McRae Rally 3 Demo Update
Downloads | Colin McRae Rally 3 | By John on 4 June 2003 15:33 | Source: Codemasters

Codemasters have released an update to the CMR3 demo released on 29 May.

As promised we have an update to the Colin McRae 3 Demo for PC. The 20 MB Zip file needs includes a full readme which has install instructions and fixes to the demo.

This update will bring the codebase up to date with the final retail version of the game.
The following things have been fixed:
1. Sound effects updated and volume balancing
2. Steering wheel support updated to directly drive the car wheel angle
3. Force feedback support updated to include car direction spring force feedback
4. Low bit rate movies for slower machines
5. Track lighting/shadows support fixed
6. Track light reflections support fixed in 32 bit display mode
7. Better frame rate independance for objects
Download the update here and don't forget to see our game profile for CMR3.


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