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Codemasters To Release CMR 3.0 Demo Patch
Game News | Colin McRae Rally 3 | By Paul on 2 June 2003 16:00

SRW On Top - Codemasters have informed SimRacingWorld exclusively that they intend to release a 20mb patch that will fix some of the issues with the Colin McRae Rally 3 demo to the values of the final game.

Taking on board the disappointment some had regarding handling (including force feedback - ed) and sound problems, and a number of other issues we have decided to update the demo.
This will mean all the fixes from the final build including steering, sound, etc will now be added to the current demo version. It will come in the form of a zip file which will have to be extracted to the current Colin McRae Demo Root directory.

This update will be undergoing testing today, and should be available somepoint Wednesday PM or more likely Thursday morning, all being well with the code. We do want you to get a more in depth view of what the final game does look like, hence the urgency to get the new update out ASAP.
We'll bring you more information as soon as we have it, and don't forget to check back on Wednesday for the demo patch. In the mean-time, make sure you check out our CMR 3.0 game profile and our forums.


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