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NASCAR Racing 2003 Patch In Development
Game News | NASCAR Racing 2003 | By Paul on 1 June 2003 15:08

Papyrus have announced that they will indeed release a patch for NASCAR Racing 2003, with the following statement.

I apologize that it has been so long since we have last given you an update. We have been very busy fleshing out future product proposals (no, we are not going to tell you what they are :), working on the track pack, and yes, working on a patch. At this time I am not positive when the patch will be completed and released, as there are a lot of things that are involved with patching that we have no control over. I am not going to go into a lot of detail on what fixes will be made, but I am sure you will be glad to hear we will be addressing unrealistic setups, driving aids on-line and the aero mapping for the super-speedways. I hope you enjoy the new tracks, we tried to come up with courses that everyone would enjoy. Make sure to check out the high line at Hillside.
You can download the track-pack here. Don't forget to post your comments on our forums.


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