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F1GP Cheats
Other | Microprose F1GP | By John on 7 March 2000 18:29

Below are some cheats for F1GP that I spotted over at PCGaming.Com:-

Cheating in qualifying
If you have selected two cars concentrate on one as your main driver and make sure you secure a good qualifying time. With the second driver trundle round the circuit the wrong way and when you see a PC controlled car crash into it. This is a recognised technique among certain well-known F1 drivers. Try to cause a big pile up of cars in the same place. This confuses the marshals so it takes them longer to clear up the mess and the more powerful cars are less likely to secure good qualifying times. It's all good dirty underhanded fun and if it helps you win the race.

Cheating at Spa
Don't bother qualifying and start the race in 25th position. Head into the put lane when the race starts. Turn the pit-call light off and put your floor to the floor. When you exit the pits you should be in first place. The only trouble is that the second car is still a back marker so you have to work hard to move it up the field.

Cheating with chicanes
Cars don't get damaged when they bounce over the ground which means that you can gain seconds by driving straight over chicanes at tracks such as Montreal Hockenheim and Monza. Fly through the chicane at high speed and when your car lands on the grass drop down a couple of gears and accelerate away.

"True" racing sim fans shouldn't cheat, but if you want some fun then try some of the above tips.


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