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Try Researching Your Facts Beforehand
SRW Site News | By Paul on 15 February 2003 19:48

It's so disheartening when you recieve emails like the one I got from an idiot below:

you mast be total crazy to put so much blinking banner on the site.
i dont like surfing with sunglasses.
you are not a webmaster, you are a nobody
While you may not like the advertisements on the site, and I don't like all of them eiter, we have no choice but to run them unfortunately as part of a 3rd-party advertising solution. We don't have a twenty-person strong ad-sales force, believe it or not. If this person had bothered to research his facts before attempting to insult me, he would realise that the online advertising market is in the dumps at the moment, and it's very difficult for small publishers like us to survive. We have a choice, either you bear the ads, or we close the site.
Sorry, but it is as simple as that.

I run this site with John in my spare time for very little financial gain and if you don't appreciate what we do, just leave and close the door on your exit.


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