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Racing Legends Development Update
Game News | By Paul on 26 November 2002 20:35 | Source: DrivingItalia

I spotted over at DrivingItalia, an update that the West Brothers have posted about their on-going project, Racing Legends, due to be released some time in 2003.

The physics are progressing really nicely. The transmission systems seem to be all but complete and there is now the starts of a constraints system, courtesy of the invaluable Gregor. The constraint system allows us to assign a value to every link in the cars hierarchy so in the event of collisions parts of the car can become distorted, broken and separated. It is a very nice system and appears to be working extremely well straight out of the box. The next big job on the physics side of things is the tyre model. The current version has a fairly basic model but already has a really nice feel to it. It feels totally controllable and predictable and this bodes well for when the full system is integrated.

Other Programming
A lot of work has also been done on the track management, i.e. file format, rendering systems etc. We have a nice new system for managing the track data which makes them quick to process and speedy to render. It also allows tracks to be easily imported from Max using our plug-ins.

On the graphics side of things I have being working on the Type 49 car. The DFV engine is practically complete as is the rear suspension. This leaves me with some work to do on the front suspension and mechanicals, the cockpit (which I am currently working on) and then finally the body work and fuel system as well as the various optional extras that will come with the car.

What's next?
The nest few weeks should see, on the graphics side of things, the Type 49 complete, some more work on the 312 and hopefully a return to Westlake, whilst on the programming side more work on the tyre model and constraints systems and the completion of the track management code. With all this done we can move from test bed cars and tracks and start to work in game with proper artwork.
Stay tuned to SimRacingWorld for more information about Racing Legends as it becomes available, and don't forget to visit our forums to have your say!


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