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Insider Info: Microprose & GP4 Bugs
Other | Grand Prix 4 | By Paul on 26 November 2002 20:21

Tom Koppe (former GPx fansite webmaster), has been working very hard to get some information about the inside workings of Microprose and their roles in the development of Grand Prix 4. He has been in contact with an employee who wishes to remain anonymous, but has allowed the following information to be published: -

"Had the development team been advised of all the bugs present in the game, then the development team would have done all that was practicable to fix those problems prior to release of the game. The development team had no available time for testing within their schedules, and this role was performed by the Infogrames QA team in Lyon (France).
By the time the development team were aware of the problems being experienced by the consumer, they were also aware of Infogrames' intention to close the MicroProse studio, and this delayed the necessary work to a patch."
Well, there you have it! Some more insider information and confirmation that the future of the GP-series looks bleak. Thanks to Tom Koppe for gathering this information for us, and don't forget to post your comments on the forums.


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