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RalliSport Challenge Review at GamesDomain
Reviews/Previews | By Paul on 20 November 2002 14:57

GamesDomain have posted a review of RalliSport Challenge for the PC, awarding the game 4/5.0

While being similar to the Xbox version is a bad thing for the menu system, it's certainly a good thing for the graphics. Rallisport always was a good looking game, and a monitor shows off its graphical excellence to full effect. Cars kick up huge clouds of dust, your tyres leave ruts behind them, and even the zebras in the safari stages turn their heads to watch your car go by. From bumper view, there's a fantastic sensation of speed, especially as most of the straights are very bumpy, so just keeping the car straight is a challenge. Sadly there's no "true" in-car view, but there is a wide selection of other camera angles.
You can read the entire review here. Don't forget also to visit our rally racing sims forums.


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