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Zandvoort Masters 2002 Announced
Community News | Grand Prix 4 | By Paul on 13 November 2002 21:46

Martin de Ruiter, has let me know that the sucessful Zandvoort Masters GP3-2000 racing event will be taking place once again this year.

After the first Zandvoort Masters in 2001, once again GPChampionship.com invites everyone to compete and finish the season together with one big event: the 2002 Zandvoort Masters! All sim-racers, no matter what age, speed, results, experience, are welcome to join in this magical event, using GP3-2000 by Geoff Crammond.

In this event, held at the famous Zandvoort-track, the focus is not at speed. It is all at having fun, trying to finish both races under both difficult weather- and time conditions. There will be two 50% races, one in dry conditions and one in changing conditions, using the magnificent weatherseed option in René Smits GPxPatch. This allows up to set up a weatherpattern, which will be the same for everyone. Expect a small hell-on-earth on your PC!

That was the weather aspect.. besides, we will use Time Limited technology. When doing the races, you will have limited time to do your race. it beats up adrenaline and excitement dramatically. One mistake might cause retirement. Of course there will be two free practise sessions to get confidence at the track and create a setup (which might also be able in the forum).

Furthermore, we have some prizes available! Being asked to promote Grand Prix 4 in GPChampionship.com, we are able to give away 3 copies of the splendid Grand Prix 4 game. The winner of the dry event will receive one, as will the winner of the wet event (only if it is another driver). On top of that, we will raffle one copy between every competitor who at least tried to fight the conditions!

You can submit yourself at the site (http://www.gpchampionship.com) to participate in this event. Just go to the site, click 'Zandvoort' and hit 'Submit'. After filling in the form, you're in! Besides GP3-2000 and GPxPatch 2.21, you do not need anything special. Maybe a special carset will be released to be used by all competitors, but these things will be announced on-site. Questions can be posted in our forum.

Remember, speed is fun, but fun apart from the speed is more important in this event! Let us make it a great way to finish the season together, again!
You can find more information at http://www.gpchampionship.com.


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