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Geoff Crammond Confirms GP4 Patch In The Works
Game News | Grand Prix 4 | By Paul on 9 October 2002 20:57

We have spoken to Geoff Crammond, creator of the Grand-Prix-Series, and he has confirmed that a GP4 Patch is in the works, and we should expect it to be released sometime in the next few weeks.

Although the patch is not under my control, I do know that the patch is being worked on at present (I know the guy that is working on it) and it may be 2 or 3 weeks away. Obviously this is subject to the realities of coding and testing!

(I have asked Infogrames to put an estimate of when the patch will be ready and to update that estimate regularly,on their websites). My contribution to the patch was completed mid August and did not involve any "A" bugs. I must say that at the time of publication I was not aware of any "A" bugs. I do not know what proportion of people using the product have had problems. I presume Infogrames customer services have some idea.

I have always resisted commenting on forums because I cannot stop people pretending to be me and saying things that I would never say. The best answer to that is never to do it. Then people are less likely to be taken in by the phonies. I am not in the Bahamas and I did work 24-7 on GP3 and GP4. I care a lot about these products and I hope the patch will sort any problems that people have.
Hopefully this clears up any issues that people have about the existance of a patch or not. We also hope to bring you the Geoff Crammond interview soon. Comments on the forums please.


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