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Grand Prix 4 Review Posted
Reviews/Previews | Grand Prix 4 | By Paul on 25 August 2002 20:58

Today, we have posted our review of Infogrames' Grand Prix 4, on the PC.

Grand Prix 4 features every track of the 2001 season, and they are each modeled using GPS data for the first time, backed up with 1000s of photos from each of the tracks. By using the GPS data, for the first time in the gp-series the tracks have differing widths of both the track itself, and the curbs which are now the correct size as per real life. One of the best things as a result of using GPS data is that the tracks are now banked as they should be (at Monza for example), and now rise and fall in a more true-to-life fashion.
How much did we award it? You can read the full review here.


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