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Steel of Haste Interview at SimWorld
Game News | By Paul on 18 July 2002 22:03

The Hungarian SimWorld have let me know that they have posted an interview with Clever's and their new game, Steel of Haste.

HSW: We got used to the accurate physics modeling from Cleverís, is this going to continue in the new game?

Clever's:The scaling of the physics means a great challenge for us, since our goal is to mix the real physics with the need of the easy handling.

After the Screamer 4x4 we wrote a completely new physic model which is lot more accurate, easier to parameter than its predecessor. The game is easily controllable by keyboard, can make spectacular slides and spins. Every player can easily learn the control.

Even then, putting the handling in front didnít cost the accurate physics: we count everything in correct metrics, can set any real parameter from the convergence of the wheels trough the types of the differential locks and the aerodynamics to the drivetrainís inertia.

Of course the player doesnít have to play with these settings, just choose the type of the car in the menu and ready to go.

You can read the full interview here.


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