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Sveni.com - Press Release
Community News | By Paul on 8 July 2002 15:43

A new German site has recently launched called "sveni.com", which is a collection of personal projects for GTA 3 & F1 2002. Here's a little more info about what they've done:

1. the EA F1 2002 nudepatch (the girls at the starting grid are with no panties)
2. the EA F1 2002 texture tools (with them you can edit all textures in F1 2002: cars, tracks, pitcrews, teams and all menues inclusive all start and loading images !!!)
3. 19 new player skins for GTA3 (alltogether 36)
4. 5 new game mods for GTA3 (alltogether 6)

The EA F1 2002 texture tools allow to edit all textures in the EA F1 2002 game and adapt them to the current season. The F1 2002 nudepatch is an example of their usage. Althrough if you can argue about his avail, it's a nice gimmick. And already our GTA3 nudepatch has shown, that such gimmicks are used very gladly of game players.
You can visit the site here.


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