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GameSpot Reviews EA's F1 2002
Reviews/Previews | By Paul on 30 June 2002 14:38

GameSpot have posted a review of EA Sport's F1 2002, awarding it 8.4/10.

If it seems like it has been just a few months since EA Sports last released a Formula 1 racing game, that's because it has. Just half a year after F1 2001's release comes F1 2002, the fourth edition in the series since its inception a scant 26 months ago and the third game in the series to come out since the last edition of PC racing's other top-tier open-wheeled simulation series, Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix. The good news is that this version of F1 is not just the best F1 to date, but it is also the finest computerized representation of Formula 1 racing from any source. Not quite a monumental leap forward, the game nevertheless builds on the strong framework of last year's model and introduces just enough graphical and practical tweaks to really make a difference. With Crammond's Grand Prix 4 purportedly just around the corner, EA had to come up with a strong showing this time around. And with F1 2002, it has done just that.
The full review is available here.


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