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GP3 File Updates
Downloads | Grand Prix 3 | By Paul on 29 June 2002 22:09

Since Grand Prix 4 has now been released, I suspect most people will now move away from Grand Prix 3 and onto that. Unfortunately that means there will probably be fewer Grand Prix 3 files submitted to me, and as a result fewer posted here. However, I will post them as I get them.

It's a bit sad for me really, as I expect there will not be all that many updates to this site anymore, and this site was my first "real" one on the internet (before it evolved into SimRacingWorld). Anyway, if you've got GP4, join us over at F1GrandPrix4.com!


GP3 is still the best! No other sim gives you such freedom! Quite like Grand Prix Legends as well....

Microprose F12010 onwards just stink compared to GP3....sorry but it's the truth.... – Ushi 04-Oct-2013
gp3 is the best – L 17-Jun-2011
Is anyone out there? – Ushi 23-Aug-2010
Started on F1GP when it came out - been racing linked on 2 pcs with a friend ever since GP2 came out and still prefer GP3 to GP4. Would love to know if we can download new tracks and race them linked - I thnk we tried it 5 / 6 years ago and it didn't work at all. – Ushi 13-May-2010
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