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Grand Prix 4 Reviewed at MGON
Reviews/Previews | Grand Prix 4 | By Paul on 28 June 2002 21:55

MGON have reviewed Grand Prix 4, awarding it 8.5/10.

Grand Prix 4 is not designed to be completed in a day or even a month. It is difficult, challenging and sometimes even frustrating but Grand Prix 4 will be one of the racing games to own this year. Basically if you didnít like GP 2 or 3 you wonít like GP4. A problem which has plagued the Grand Prix series has been the sense of speed related to the game. In GP3 it was hard to think you were doing 200mph when the speedo read that because of the frame limiter. The frame limiter may be back but the other problem has been improved somewhat. The sense of speed is breakneck and it will take a few minutes to adjust and gain control of the car. As you would expect the game play from the series hasnít had a radical change but has been more refined. It is easier to get started with the game but whilst it will take minutes to learn it will take months to master especially at the top level. To win the game will take a heck of a lot of skill and a small amount of luck.
You can read the entire review here.


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