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Rally Fusion: Race of Champions (Xbox) Preview
Reviews/Previews | By Paul on 20 June 2002 19:56

GameFaction have posted a preview of Rally Fusion: Race of Champions.

Several different game types can be chosen, including Elimination, Hill Climb, Relay and the full Race of Champions mode. Each of those modes offers its own unique challenge, and if the single player mode isn't enough a comprehensive two player mode is promised.

Several different types of environments are featured, including deserts, arctic landscapes and tropical rain forests. These environments are affected by realistic weather conditions, time of day, rain and even snow. In total there will be 20 different tracks based on these levels, unlike the real event which only features the one track.
You can read the full preview here.


Actually, the seem to copy the Europeans when it comes to most of their´╗┐ car's designs. There's a reoasn that Japan doesn't really produce any supercars that anyone cares about. The only thing you have to hand to them is that they made some contributions to the fabrication methodology. – Paul 03-Jul-2013
Stands back from the keyboard in amzeaemnt! Thanks! – Jannika 02-Jul-2013
this is ridicilous cpmnariog the two cars. gtr is awesome car but it needs twin tourbo and been tuned to even the atmospheric lambo. dont mention´╗┐ the driving behavior the 2 cars have and the aventador weights many kg more. anyway my point is if someone gives you as gift one of the 2 cars you must be really retarded to choose the gtr althgough is great car – Mateusz 02-Jul-2013
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