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F1 2002 (PC) Preview at GameFaction
Reviews/Previews | By Paul on 2 June 2002 17:28

GameFaction have posted a preview of the PC version of F1 2002, due to be available in the shops on the 7th June. The preview contains no new information, but is probably worth a quick read.

When F1 2001 hit the scene in October of last year it was met with open arms, and it wasn't long before self built add-ons were been released over the net, which has now progressed into full blown conversions on a scale only seen before with first person shooters. But how good was it, looking back I don't rate it that highly, yes it had some good features that stood out from the crowd but from a racing point of view it wasn't quite up to the standards seen in Grand Prix 3 2000 Season, the handling didn't have the right feel to it and the AI just couldn't give the same type of racing experience. Now F1 2002 is just around the corner and is looking not only on improving but adding new features to make F1 2002 a worthy challenger to Grand Prix 4.
You can read the full review here.


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