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F1 2002 Screenshots and Info at GameSpot UK
Screenshots | By Paul on 7 May 2002 20:36

GameSpot UK have posted another little "preview" of F1 2002 for the PC, with some new screenshots and information about the game.

F1 2002 telemetry is an extremely powerful utility designed primarily for advanced drivers who are familiar with the advanced vehicle set-up pages and the concept of data logging/telemetry as described above.

By studying telemetry and comparing different laps, you are able to determine where you are gaining and losing time on any given lap and why. As you understand how your driving effects your vehicle and how your vehicle is performing in general, you will be able to focus better on your driving style and the development of vehicle set-ups specifically to suit the way you drive, ultimately enabling you to produce faster lap times."
The screenshots and preview are available here.


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