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Nascar Racing 2002 Review at SLCentral
Reviews/Previews | By Paul on 25 April 2002 18:07

Another Nascar Racing 2002 Review today, this time from SLCentral.

Not only does NASCAR Racing 2002 Season look and sound good, but darn it, it feels good too. It feels damn good. I've never actually been in a stock car, as most of us have not, but I can be fairly sure that the experience is a lot like this. When you notice how the viewpoint pitches forward when you brake or crash and leans sideways as you turn, the game earns your respect. Then you go to the replay feature and watch yourself draft behind the leader and then take the high route in the last turn just before getting the checkered flag by a single car length. If nothing, it's exhilarating and well worth it both for veterans and fans of the series looking for a little something more or for those who have never even dabbled with Papyrus titles or even in the genre. This baby is good.
Overall rating - 9/10, check out the full review here.


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