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Nascar Racing 2002 Review at GameFaction
Reviews/Previews | By Paul on 6 April 2002 23:56

GameFaction have posted a short review of Nascar Racing 2002, giving it 80%.

Physics, the most impressive feature of Nascar 4 have been tweaked slightly for Nascar 2002, the tire model has been improved drastically, the balance of the car is a lot different from that of Nascar 4 because of the changes, unfortunately this doesn't make it totally realistic, the car seems to be too soft, well from watching on TV you get the impressive that the cars are much stiffer and lighter than they are in Nascar 2002, as I've never driven a stock car its hard to really know. Saying this its still as close as we'll or l'll get to driving a stock car, until the next Nascar simulation from Papyrus that is.
You can view the full review here.


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