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Grand Prix 4 Hands-On Preview at AlphaF1
Reviews/Previews | Grand Prix 4 | By Paul on 28 March 2002 20:20

As I mentioned yesterday, Matti from AlphaF1 has had the chance to test out Grand Prix 4, and has now posted his hand-on-preview of the game.

So I finally got my hands on the game and I was positively impressed! I took 'quicklaps' mode to drive Suzuka. Since I was playing with keyboard I can't say how much they have improved the physics, but it felt excatly the same than with GP3 2000. The whole Suzuka track feels completely different than seen in GP3. Thanks to GPS modelling each corner is now realistic as it should be. The new helmet view looks very realistic since it's dynamically rendered, but the T-Cam view is more fun to drive. You can change between helmet and T-Cam view between the 'left arrow' key.

Then I tried the X-box version which was a big positive surprise! The pad feels very nice since all the controls are analog and it has rumble effects as well. It tought it'd be some crappy arcade conversion, but driving the car felt very good and I can recommend the X-box version everyone who was the console.

There are still lots of work to be done until the game is ready. The game sometimes crashed which could be very annoying if you are driving a long race. They also need to work with the tracks and graphics until it'll be ready.
It's worth a read here.


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