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New Grand Prix 4 Details
Game News | Grand Prix 4 | By Paul on 27 March 2002 23:10

Matti from AlphaF1 was lucky enough to have dinner with Nick Court (senior producer of Grand Prix 4) today, and he has posted these details:

There will be no safety cars, stop and go penalties, warm-up laps or any new features like that, because they have only have limited time to work with the game and they wanted to concentrate on the new graphics engine. They'll add more features to their future releases.

There will be no Internet play, because the FOM license doesn't allow it. They also don't know how to implement it properly, so they wouldn't add it anyway. Nick also reminded that their competitors don't have the Internet play support neither, so it isn't a big problem for them.

When asked about the Playstation 2 version, the official comment is "no comments". It means that they don't confirm it, but they don't deny it either. My personal guess is that they are at least considering the possibility of making such version, but nothing has yet been confirmed.
Tomorrow Infogrames will be showcasing the game in Helsinki, Finland.


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