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SRW Site News | By James on 23 March 2002 20:00

As you might have noticed, GP3EP has not been updated lately. I apologise for this but there are reasons for this beyond my control. First problem is lack of time - I've just finished a load of exams and thus, haven't had the time. Second problem is lack of content to report on. Also, my third problem is a lot more personal as unfortuantly, my Dad has been diagnosed with a canerous tumour and I've been hit extremely hard by the shock and upset this has caused. Therefore I've not really been too motivated to update much lately. I've realised however that by actually taking my mind off certain aspects of my life at the moment and by doing something like updated the site helps me a little. So you can expect some updates in the near future. You may also look forward to the beta version of the new Jam Editor. Expect something in the next few days.

Please bare with me and I'll try and get some stuff for you soon.


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