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Update from Barrie
Other | Microprose F1GP | By Barrie on 12 February 2002 00:35

I've been away for a while, but I do hope to come back here in the near future. It's really excellent to see the new leagues coming up, and all the forum posts. I think that's what F1GP/WC really needs.

I would like to say I would commit some time to the Track Editing and Online Racing Leagues. But unfortunetly the third year of a degree is very hard as I'm learning to my cost, and I hardly have time to do anything. It's a shame because with Larry Watson's gp1track program, writing an editor would be *much* easier. The best I can say is that I'll attempt to write a small Visual Basic editor which allows track segments to be changed by remote. It's a start, and then maybe I can build on it later. We'll have to say.

I won't enter any of the leagues, but may the best driver win :)


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