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Rally Trophy 1.01 Patch Released
Game News | By Chris on 11 February 2002 19:05 | Source: High Gear

Bugbear Entertainment/JoWood have released a patch for Rally Trophy today. The file updates various issues with the game.

To go straight to the download page click here.

- Input: Deadzone problem on pedals
- Input: Bug in combined axis bone
- Input: "Steering bug"
- DLL: Minor mipmap generation bug
- Some stage infos contained wrong information
- Intro video volume was too hig
- Minor translation bugs
- Multiplayer: Broken (interior) windows were not broken after ghostmode
- Alternative seats bug in single rally mode
- Broken drive lights were repaired in replay (expert level)
- Ford escort was intermediate level car in multiplayer mode
- Minor cosmetic changes
- other minor fixes



- Improved physics
- Improved performance and reduced need of system resources
- Some cosmetic changes
- Average & top speed of stage record is shown in stage infos
- More nationalities (64 now)

- Input.ini file in the rallytrophydatasettings folder has descriptions for each parameter. Use only if you really need to customize your controller values(and backup the original input.ini)!

- Possibility to save & view replays (saving is done via record button in replay controls, loading in replay menu)
- Replay controls include generic VCR control scheme (note that rewind restarts replay) and slow-motion.
- In multiplayer replays you can switch to another player in replay with the assigned gear shifting buttons / keys. You can also do the same while waiting for other players to finish the stage behind you.

- Possibility to disable co-driver comments (in Sound Options)
- Possibility to disable visual pace notes (in Race Options)
- Possibility to disable lens flares (Graphics menu / Effect detail: disabled)

- Encrypted highscores for extra safety against cheating
- Highscores are saved when updated (not only when game exits)
- More complete highscores (ability to view per rally, race mode, car and individual stage)
- Highscores include multiplayer opponents as well

- Cheat protection for online gaming: If the game detects changed physics files, it will exit. Modified files can be used in singleplayer mode but highscores aren't saved.
- Extra commandline parameters


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