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Nascar Racing 2002 Preview at CGOnline
Reviews/Previews | By Paul on 5 February 2002 20:39

CGOnline have posted a preview of the upcoming Papy game, Nascar Racing 2002.

The AI, which was the recipient of much of the criticism directed at NASCAR 4, is also being tweaked. "[It's] one of the bigger disappointments for us, and something we really take to heart," says Faiano. "We spent a lot of time trying to improve it and fix the major bugs, and I think we've addressed most of them." But he realizes the AI is never going to be perfect. For example, most of the AI problems only occur on longer races, where you can see strange things on caution laps (swerving, immediate wrecks on green) and dodgy pit strategy. Faiano acknowledges these issues from past games, but says the behavior is much improved in 2002 Season. There's also a lot of pit strategy (deciding fuel loads, whether to take on tires or not), and that's another area Papyrus wants to improve.
You can read the entire preview here.


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