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Rally Trophy Review at EuroGamer
Reviews/Previews | By Paul on 28 January 2002 20:20

Eurogamer have posted their review of Rally Trophy, for the PC.

The handling in Rally Trophy is definitely an acquired skill, and actually succeeding requires a massive amount of skill and patience in most cases, even when the game is on the Novice skill setting. As you hurtle forwards and come towards your first corner in the game, you'll soon realise just how tricky these old timers are to manage on the road. The drivers you come up against seem to be in possession of unnatural talent, and as the cars have realistically rudimentary handling it can all take some getting used to in order to get anywhere close to a winning time. Coming directly up against the other drivers in the arcade mode offers a better chance of success, and is more immediately satisfying than the mammoth task of tackling the championship.
You can read the full review here.


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