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Rally Trophy Review at Game Club Central
Reviews/Previews | By Paul on 7 January 2002 21:30

Game Club Central have posted their review of Rally Trophy giving it a score of 8/10.

Rally Trophy at its core is basically a series of single-player heats in a race, where only the top six can advance to the next country. But if you have any knowledge of European Racing, then you would already know that. Although you will be racing alone, the game will track your time through various checkpoints, allowing you to see how they compare your time with previous drivers. The times that you have to beat to qualify are insane. You could almost compare them with the ridiculous times that Sega Rally had. That's not to say that they are impossible to beat, but it will take much, much practice to top them. Practice is key in Rally Trophy, because it allows little room for error when racing. One point you currently have the fastest time on the track, but because you were a little wide on a turn, you could easily drop 3-7 spots. Mastering corners and sliding tricks will also go a long way in shaving some much need time off your race.
You can read the full review here, though expect to wait while the graphics download :D


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