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New Feature: Reality Cheque
SRW Site News | By Paul on 18 November 2001 21:29

We welcome Alex Clarke (a.k.a. Hellraiser) to the SimRacingWorld team officially today, and he has produced his first feature for use called "Reality Cheque".

Here is a snippet from the feature:

The web or cyber world is considered by some as; a false, contrived, artificial environment.
Is it really that artificial? If I were to go into my garden and build a shed, put a chair in it and a scalextric set, that would considered real would it not? I mean a real shed etc… If I go to Donington and sit in a Caterham 7 and cane seven shades of brick dust out of the 2.2 ltr lotus engine, passing the blurring billboards with names associated with the sport-- that would be considered real too, yes?

You can read the entire feature at: http://www.simracingworld.com/srw/articles/reality/.


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