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3 New Master Rallye Screenshots Posted
Screenshots | By Paul on 30 November 2001 20:02

I have posted three brand-new Master Rallye screenshots to add to the three that we already have.
You can view them at: http://www.simracingworld.com/srw/screenshots/masterrallye/.


coucou les gazelles!!!super votre blog!!! Notre team est de tout coeur avec vous, votre 4X4 est mangfiique, on va pas vous manquer e7a c'est sur!!!Faites vous plaisir!Profitez bien de cette superbe aventure!Nous vivrons la nf4tre un peu plus tard et penserons bien e0 vous en attendant!!Rendez vous quotidien sur M6 pendant votre course!Carpe diem!!A tre8s bientf4t! – Rayane 05-Jul-2013
ay you know there gana be dogs and cattles and you can steal mraltiiy equipment such as jets and tanks and they are putting cheats from SA for this game also fyi packie and niko from gta iv are coming back and the main character is tommy verceti from vice city and cj from SA (spoiler) and there are multiple cities but small also in the mountains there is a chubaca hiding in the cave but you need to glitch cuz its possibly a boarder – Larbi 03-Jul-2013
WOW . The only parts of what you said that are true are the following There are going to be dogs, and you can steal miarltiy jets. But that's it!!! The main character is NOT Tommy from VC. Rockstar has confirmed that his voice will be played by Ned Luke, and he is a whole new character in his mid 40 s, and he actually has a son. Cheats have not been confirmed. The return of ONE Grand Theft Auto character has been confirmed, however they have not said who it will be. Don't get on here and lie about dumb things that you have NO idea about. You're welcome everyone for the truth. – Evgeny 02-Jul-2013
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