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Grand Prix 3 at Goodwood Feedback
Game News | Grand Prix 3 | By Paul on 27 June 2000 18:08

A bit of feedback of Grand Prix 3 at the Goodwood festival of speed this last weekend for you. The game running was the January 2000 demo, with a wider, easier Monaco track which will be made smaller for the actual game. This post was made by Davron in the GP3 / F1 forums.

''GP3 running at Goodwood, looked great and played even better ! Was running at Monaco and the detail was fantastic, particularly the rendering of the other cars in the race. Was run on a PIII 600 with a G400 card, almost everything was turned on. This was NOT the final version so there may be additions that will further impact processors / 3d cards.

The moving steering wheel i,m not sure about, there was definite lag between actual wheel movement and the movement on the screen which was off putting.''


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