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New Interview in PC-GAMER!!
Screenshots | Grand Prix 3 | By Paul on 15 February 2000 18:36

PC-GAMER the British PC magazine, have added an interview with all the new screenshots.
It is with Nick Court (senior producer), and like last time we can learn a lot more about GP3 from it!!

  • When braking/accelerating - the head moves backwards or forwards.
  • You cannot look left or right with the keyboard from cockpit view.
  • The setup will be even more detailed that GP2 and GP1!!!!
  • The pit crew will not move around, it hasn't been programmed in!
  • The pit crew may contact you during the race.
  • Driving assists are much the same as GP2.
  • Full tumble and roll is there, and the debris has the same physics.
  • The same 3D model is used for all teams.
  • No tracks are completely finished, they will be improving them to the last minute.
  • Grand Prix 4 will have the new teams from the 99 season.
  • No comment on whether GP4 will be a stand alone or add on!!
  • GP3 should be going on test in March!!!
  • The drivers are more 'human'.
  • Multiplayer hasn't been tested yet.
  • Multiplayer will be on a LAN for 4 - 16 players.
  • Internet play will not be used, because it is too slow for GP3.
  • There will be no editors with it, e.g GP3Edit.
  • Sound is all new!!.
  • MPS have been with an 'un-named' F1 team for the last 18 months recording new sounds!
  • Replays will not be longer than GP2, currently.
  • You can completely destroy your car!!!!!!!
  • It is dead on for a June release!!!


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