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New GP3 Info: Interview in German PC Mag!
Game News | Grand Prix 3 | By Paul on 22 February 2000 18:09

This was posted in the forums about a new interview in the German PC Magazine, PC - Action.
Below, you can see what was shown in the forums.

.....there is another interview with john cook in this month pc action (from nürnberg too , no new screenshots)i translate the important things :

at the moment we are testing all tracks with all conditions.there is a lot of testing for us at the moment to make sure all the times and things go all right.we have help from real f1 drivers too!!!!!!(driving the sim)
after a training lap you can see a top view of the track with diagramms like the real f1 teams.
there are 10 cameras for the car and you can drive the simulation from cockpit or some way upper behind the drivers view.
we are thinking at the moment of a saftey car but more likely in gp4.
we have a team creating 3d pit stop at the moment but more likely in gp4 too.dont know , if enough time left....
you can contact your box and getting information on your lcd display in the car.
there is a really good , whole rain simulation in the game.
the programm "thinks" how much water is on what part of the track. its interresting to see how the ideal line is getting dryer and dryer.you have to watch out if you to leave the ideal line in order to overtake someone.
there is nothing in gp2 that we haven't done better in gp3.
the game is like an "ice mountan" you can see just a bit of it , and under the surface its a huge simulation.
thats are the news and my best english :), madis


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