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Moving pictures of Grand Prix 3 shown on Cybernet!
Game News | Grand Prix 3 | By Paul on 26 February 2000 18:57

At High Gear they have reported on 'moving images of Grand Prix 3' on Cybernet - a computer games program on televison, this is a what somebody had to say about it:

- Track shown was the Monaco track.
- Looked like the software version as seen from the Sauber as it chased the Stewart-Ford, most noticable thing was the wheel which looked slightly strange as it twisted and turned although it certainly moved fluidly.
- Graphics were pretty smooth looking very solid, a tv shot of the car doing a couple of doughnuts with plenty of smoke looked neat.
- Reckon a fast machine is a must.
- Commentary said it was a long way from complete.....

If you live in the UK, you can catch Cybernet tommorow at 3.50am on Sunday night/Monday morning, or on Thursday night/Friday morning at 3.05am!


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