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Project CARS: Build 489 Released
Build Releases | Project CARS | By Paul on 12 June 2013 22:06

Slightly Mad Studios have released build 489 of Project CARS, which not only adds a new fictional track called Fort Felix, but also a brand new throttle system to improve the phsyics contained within the game.

A full explanation of the new system and the other changes is below.

In order to download, you'll need to visit the WMD Portal as usual, and for more content on this game visit our Project CARS game profile and follow us on Twitter.

Throttle system features

Better feel from the throttle pedal at small inputs. This was really the main purpose of the new system; everything else is gravy. Gone is the time of the large Ďdeadzoneí when you start to press the pedal; the engine starts producing positive torque very quickly now and you will have a much larger range for modulation.

Snappier throttle response at low rpm.

A carís peak power may vary a bit from track to track. This is because we now use ambient air pressure as part of the engine torque calculations, so things like elevation and weather will have an impact on engine performance.

Idle speeds fall out of the model naturally and will change slightly from setup and weather.

The clutch feels a lot better when pulling away from a standstill. Unexpected but really cool side effect. A lot of cars can realistically get rolling with careful modulation of the clutch and no throttle input whatsoever.

New Brake Mapping slider in the setup screen for all cars. This controls the level of engine braking and is a fairly abstract value. Think of it like a vacuum line connected to the throttle, so that it opens up more at high rpm to relieve some of the intake manifold vacuum (the major source of engine braking torque). All you really need to know is that 0=lots of engine braking and 10+=very little engine braking.

New Restrictor Size slider in setup screen for some cars. Fun stuff here. This changes the size of the restrictors/throttle bodies on the engine to control the amount of power produced. This will ultimately move out of the setup screen and become part of the event setup, only adjustable by the event administrator. For now it needs to be somewhere everyone can work with for testing. As a result itís possible to create a 600hp Asano X4, for example. Honor system will be required for multiplayer with these cars. Do play around with this on the cars that have it enabled. A particularly cool one is the Caper stock car which has a minimum restrictor size similar to what was used at restrictor plate tracks in 1990. Youíll notice that not only does the power level reduce from 650 to 400hp, but it also moves down to a much lower rpm simulating the choking effect of the smaller air aperture. Cool stuff.

Build 489 (7/6/13, Junior Member+)
* Updated BXmlNode to provide access to arbitrary user data
* Added BDbgFatalNoReturn. Which is a version of BDbgFatal with the platform no return specifier
* WiiU CParticleMeshPrimitive/Type stubs/WIP
* WiiU RenderContext stubs
* WiiU COcclusionQuery stubs
* WiiU CMaterial implementation.
* WiiU CInstancedMeshPrimitive/Type stubs/WIP
* WiiU CLightweightMeshPrimitive/Type stubs/WIP
* WiiU implemented full primitive utility function set
* WiiU CSharedDynamicVertex and Index Buffer stubs
* WiiU CShadowControl implemented
* WiiU misc Renderer classes compile/stubs (CScreenShot/CTracker/CVideo)
* WiiU CRenderer/RenderThread base headers (stripped down from DX11)
* WiiU CGenInstancingPlatformHelper added
* WiiU CDebugProvider/CDebugMetrics added
* WiiU CDebugBatch Line/Quad/Text added. (probably should make this cross-platform at some point since the code is the same on all targets)
* WiiU Viewport class implementation
* WiiU add MEM1 allocator (derived from 360 Write Combining/PS3 VRAM allocator class)
* WIIU CCamera Class implementation (derived from PS3 version which was a good match)
* WiiU Base Renderer Abstraction Compilation Fixes/ShadowControlBase implementation
* WiiU Debug Lines/Quads/Text Primitive/PrimitiveType stubs
Race weekend:
* Session saving & restoring
Debug menu:
* Enabled extra controls in debug menu for displaying average luminance value
* Pass dynamic live air pressure values to physics systems
* Vehicle dynamics updates:
* Volumetric throttle modelling
* Tweakers for throttle response
* Non-gold csv export of brakemapping and torque volumetric data
* New algorithm for engine load used by audio systems
* Adjustable brake mapping and restrictor plates
* Ambient pressure considered as part of throttle response
* Per vehicle EDF updates to use new systems
* Updated switch from loading state to race to proceed physics sync immediately
* Added controls to allow us to be able to scale the lighting on vehicles
* Added 15 percent saturation to clear 3 with new colour cube
* Clear 03 yellow sun tint reduced a touch
* Clear 02 emap boost/ambient reduced so that it can be compared to higher value in clear 05
* Clear 3 sun colour test, has more yellow hued sun in the day
* WTC updates so that sunny and medium cloud conditions have brighter sun, more tone mapping adjustment, more blue sheen at midday and several other tweaks for daytime lighting
* Updated participant snapshot version number. Should fix EOR replays
* Shader changes to take into account new scalers for vehicle lighting
* Got a lot further with the distant echo, amplitude rolloff and LPF occlusion for the the external engines, backfires, splutters and gearshift sounds of the 4 testbed cars (Caterham R500, Zonda R, Formula A and Capri Group 5). Iíve also done a quick pass on the engine dynamics in an attempt to create a more realistic ramp in volume and engine loads. The Capri Group 5 engine no longer has the weird popping sound like its misfiring
* New icon for Edit HUD
* Northampton Classic: New road and runoff materials, reworked pit buildings and stands, added grass tufts to runoff area
* Azure Circuit: Moved first garage position to fixed damaging the car on load, added more road patches, seams, improved road textures a bit, back to high rez version of the main road texture and fixed alpha channel, darkened a bit whitelines, created new diving board+added slide and stair/rails to it
* All Track TRDs: Added Altitude data for all track TRDs
* Added new trackÖ. Fort Felix
* Mercedes SLS GT3: Added placeholder lights and mirrors
* Ford Mustang Boss: Added placeholder lights and mirrors
* Lotus 98T: New modal carcass and Flash tread. Enabled some wear and heating for public testing. Not sure amounts as Iím doing it mostly by feel. Lotus 78 Ė same caracass and flash changes as the 98T. also has wear and heating enabled


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