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R3E - Updated Build Released
Build Releases | R3E - RaceRoom Racing Experience | By Paul on 22 May 2013 22:11

Simbin have released a fairly substantial update for R3E - RaceRoom Racing Experience, which makes various improvements and changes to the sim.

A full list of updates are shown below.

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Game & Code & Performance:

Full controller support. The cursor can be controlled in menus with analog stick on gamepads and steering wheels.
Improved & updated controller support. (Reverse replicate for steering, new hot key options).
Added additional controller options for steering sensitivity and min/max range.
Added additional controller option for gamepads; return multiplier (front wheel return/snap back to center).
Improved Analog Sector values for more accurate gamepad control.
Instant Replays in-game. Press R to instantly see a replay of the cool move youíve done.
HUD elements can now be toggled on/off in replays.
Implemented and improved free camera logic & cam collision.
Data displays are now showing properly in replays.
Tweaked Zoom in/out functions in replays for certain cameras, disabled them for cameras where itís not meant to be used.
Camera names will no longer show when replay controls are hidden.
Optimized Localization. Game now supports letters with accents.
Improved & updated font support.
Fixed an issue where Russian keyboard inputs were not showing the right characters despite setting the Language for Unicode programs.
Fixed various typos in menus, portal, car/track information and descriptions.
Optimized Media Hub.
Player can now have infinite amount of replay files in Media Hub.
Optimized Menu transitions.
Optimized GPU performance.
Optimized Memory usage.
Optimized CPU usage.
Improved patching system to shrink the patch file size in future updates.
Removed the launcher functionality in game as itís no longer relevant; the game now executes faster.
Fixed pathing issues that could occur on Win 7 and 8 when the Windows or the game was not installed in the default location.
Fixed various issues that occurred when adjusting car setup and going back to the game.
Fixed issues that could occur when rewinding/navigating a replay via its progress bar.
Fixed an issue where skidding sound could trigger while wheels are rotating.
Fixed inconsistencies with car marker positions on track layouts.
Fixed an issue where wind screen of player car could start flickering after overtaking an AI car.
Fixed issues where data display and dashboard displays were inconsistent on some of the cars.
Fixed an issue where ghost files would appear corrupt.
Apex hunt progress now shows properly in the menus.
Re-enabled Legacy Mode (Game runs in Windows XP, though not fully supported).
Fixed issues that would occur if the player had multiple controllers connected.
Prepared the game for future content.
Groundwork for future features.
Fixed various individual issues that could potentially cause crashes.

Portal & Leaderboards & Competitions:

Implemented Class based Leaderboards.
Leaderboards have been changed and improved. The look and feel of the leaderboards have changed. Filters are now presented in a more user-friendly way.
Updated & Improved the in-game browser.
Players can now subscribe to specific leaderboards, which gets added as a widget to the dashboard for quick access.
Search functionality has been improved. It is now faster.
Added summary to the sidebars to provide better and more user-friendly information about the selected leaderboard.
Added galleries for store items. Players can now see different screenshots for cars/tracks.
Fixed an issue where player avatars sometimes would appear blank in the leaderboards.
Various improvements in the backend/frontend.

Art & Art Code:

Optimized motion blur and fixed various motion blur related issues on cars.
Implemented a new lighting system for better illumination.
Implemented a new car paint shader for better visuals on cars.
Implemented a new gravel/dirt shader.
Various art fixes & tweaks in Suzuka tracks.
Various art fixes & tweaks in Lakeview Hillclimb tracks.
Various art fixes & tweaks in Raceroom Hillclimb tracks.
Various art fixes & tweaks in Bathurst.
Various art fixes & tweaks in Raceroom Raceway tracks.
Various art fixes & tweaks in Hockenheimring tracks.
Various art fixes & tweaks in Monza tracks.
Various art fixes & tweaks in Zandvoort tracks.
Various art fixes & tweaks in Portimao tracks.


Various AI fixes & tweaks.


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