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Assetto Corsa Ferrari 599XX Evo Previews
Screenshots | Assetto Corsa | By Paul on 22 May 2013 22:07

Kunos Simulazioni have released a new batch of preview screenshots for yet another licensed Ferrari - the Ferrari 599XX Evo, featuring in their upcoming simulation Assetto Corsa.

The screenshots are as impressive as usual - and are well worth a look here.

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Toss up between #8 and #18, but I would have to go with eethir #12 or #21 and then sell it to get both of the others with money to burn on more things. I am a fan of tuners HUGE fan. though I can appreciate muscle cars, and would pick a Gallardo, or Bugatti Veyron Super Sport over any of these!! – Lulu 27-Aug-2013
did you catch my Wankel theme on #1, as for sound on #21 I actually like Mustang Cobras and, kind of, Lambos. They both have more bass in the note but Zondas (like TopGear pioetnd out) have the look of something out-of-this-world, like the K nigsegg, it's an exotic car/piece of engineering art – Daniyar 23-Aug-2013
#11 all my life I have always wenatd a Boss 429 no it does not handle the best it isn't the absolute fastest. but It shakes the ground and rattles the windows when it goes by. That's good enough for me. For sound, when you hear it, it puts a chill up your spine. Oh and to raise anyone's blood pressure, giving the girls a ride one at a time and even in the car maybe lmao – Sirlei 15-Aug-2013
More posts of this quylati. Not the usual c***, please – Rajesh 05-Jul-2013
Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Transportation regulations were more sritct for USA. Skyline does not meet emissions and safety standards. Speed does not have anything to do with it. Corvette Mustang Cobra GTO Pontiac G-8 all sub 4 second to 60 mph cars with top speeds electronically limited to nearly 150 to 200 mph. Japan spec cars were limited to below 200 KPH or 120 mph. Customs will stop the importation of cars unless the owner posts bond for the value of the cat and gets the safety and emissions things done. (Old Days) Gray market cars came into the usa with a few modifications some testing and the bond was released the owner got their car and money back. Several importers were caught with modified J spec cars that did not meet USA specifications. Customs can seize company money and crush owners cars that are not modified to USA legal standards. Besides ther are only a few Skyline GT-R cars that were ever made and even fewer that made it to the USA. In 2009 Nissan decided to make a USA legal version and it is a true super car that costs less than 100,000 Good Luck – Kirstin 03-Jul-2013
Stands back from the kbeyoard in amazement! Thanks! – Jannika 02-Jul-2013
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